Students Guide



Dear student,

We are very pleased to welcome you to Çukurova University, one of the biggest universities in Turkey in terms of its land, background, academic staff and student population. With its 17 faculties, 1 state conservatory, 4 colleges, 12 vocational colleges, 4 institutes and 35 research and application centres, our university continues to seek new directions for its research and education.

            International cooperation has been considered as a top priority and carried out in the fields of student and teacher mobility, as well as research and intensive programmes. We cooperate with more than 230 European institutions under the Erasmus Programme which enable us to exchange numerous undergraduate and post-graduate students every year. As an Erasmus exchange student, you will meet an academic environment where international students and researchers are supported to make the most of their stays in Adana.

The university campus is located 10 kilometres away from the city centre, and is situated in a serene environment conducive to learning. This tranquil setting by the Seyhan Lake is complemented by a motivated staff, innovative labs and modern libraries.  The campus also offers faculty and students a variety of recreational facilities including: an indoor sports centre and swimming pool, a boathouse and a variety of sports grounds as well as a cultural centre, which is a base for more than 80 student clubs.

            We have tried to describe our institution briefly to give a fresh perspective and an overview of your new home. On behalf of all staff, we would like to welcome you.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Adana.

                                                                                              International Office

                                                                                              Çukurova University