Language Policy of Cukurova University

The students enrolled in program with 100% or 30% English-medium instruction have to attend the 600-700 hour language program in the School of Foreign Languages while the students in other programs with Turkish-medium instruction may take the advantage of learning at least one foreign language offered as an elective course in different programs. Alternatively, some courses for specific purposes such as Business English, and Academic Writing have started to be offered as a consequence of the significance of linguistic and intercultural competence of the students and graduates for mobility and employability at global level. As for exchange Erasmus students, Turkish as a foreign language is offered 4 hours a week as an elective course and for international degree students, 600 hours of Turkish with cultural activities requiring language use is provided. 

Turkish language courses at different levels are available to international students. Turkish as a Foreign Language is offered 4 hours a week throughout the year as an elective course for exchange students and a 600-hour Turkish as core subject language is offered with practical activities for international degree students. Çukurova University Turkish Language Teaching Center was founded to meet the language demands of international students who wish to take Turkish at different levels.